Ray and Alma Besserdin both run their own successful small businesses and know how challenging it can sometimes be, particularly when hit by the current pandemic.  Like all but the essential businesses, everything just stopped overnight.

As a couple who love to travel and explore our nation, and in Alma’s case as an Australia Day Ambassador, both have never ceased to marvel at this country’s immense small enterprise and entrepreneurial capabilities.  The regional areas are some of our richest hotbeds of self-starting businesses.  Most of the business people are just everyday ordinary people or families with an idea and a drive to get something out to the rest of the country, and the world. In doing so, these people have also come to add a whopping 34% to our country’s economic value*.  But it’s the amazing creativity of people’s initiatives and the outstanding world class quality that left Ray and Alma to think, a directory was needed to help all these achievers to be easily visible to the general public aside from competition with the imported products and services offered by large organisations.

What Ray and Alma found is that the Small Business and Family Enterprise owners, while taking risks, are people with a “can do” attitude who make little fuss. They’re down to earth, hardworking, quietly ingenious and extremely talented people who do more for this country than many would recognise.  So, Done Downunder® is also a tribute to these achievers while creating a platform to find their services and products under one easy directory.  This also an easy way to communicate and collaborate.  After all, Australia also has a long history of mateship and support for one another.

The Done Downunder® logo pays tribute to this down-to-earth nature of Australians themselves, whether of many generations or recently making this country their home.  The koala speaks for itself, but its casual attire and thumbs up reflects the no-fuss enterprising spirit uniting all these people under the Southern Cross.

*Small Business Counts, Small Business in the Australian Economy July 2019 Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Australian Government